How To Get Involved

Memberships + Volunteer Opportunities

Event Membership Details

Rent our venue space to host your event. With your time rented you are given a free 15 minutes before and after your event for set up/break down. We have different options for different people so never hesitate to reach out for information about what you have in mind.

Art Membership Details

With your membership you are given space for displaying and selling your art. Membership also includes an artist show (exhibition) once a month to highlight all Art Members.

We want to provide the easiest opportunities for you to be able to sell your craft. Get involved in our Bazaar for free and inquire about popping up during other HEM hosted events.

Volunteer Options/Opportunities

Street Team

Come get flyers and distribute them around the city to spread the word of what’s going on!

Sign Duty

Hold event signs during HEM hosted events to help draw in people.

Hold Down HEM Info Table

Sit at a HEM info table to spread HEM awareness during the Bazaar.

Mop Floors (Like Mama Would)

Self explanatory.

Dedicated Day at HEM

Come in during a full business day and help hold space + other HEM tasks we need help with.

Event Support

Volunteer during events.

Live Talent

Come into the shop while there are no events happening and share your live craft.. Art, music, whatever.. 

Clean the Windows

Self explanatory.

Dust All Surfaces

Move merchandise to dust underneath

Straighten the Shelves & Art Wall

Straighten/reorganize the shelves and all paintings on the art wall.

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