Artist, Creative & entrepreneur collective

Happy Earth Market is unlike any store you've ever been too.


It’s a creative space built to foster local entrepreneurs in the community doing things Earth’s way. 

We believe there is an entrepreneur in everyone, it’s just about realizing how to turn your passion into a career and we help with exactly that. 

Come in and find the space you need to thrive!

We have an artist gallery, an event space ready to rent and consignment opportunities for your merchandise. 

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Our Semi-Accurate Schedule

Check our schedule for events! That changes things.

We Open At:

Mon: 12:00pm
Tues: 12:00pm
Wed: 12:00pm
Thurs: 12:00pm
Fri: 12:00pm
Sat: 12:00pm
Sun: Sometimes c l o s e d


Call if you’re unsure 🙂

But We Are So Much More Than Business!

Community, Collaboration, Spirituality, Mental Health/Addiction, Performer Showcases, Activism and MORE.

If one or all of those things sound interesting this is a place you have to come check out!

Yes, you can be involved with your own passion/hobby/business however HEM isn't just business business business work work work.

We're also here for you to simply enjoy too.

Come by with your computer, project, book, nothing or whatever you want and share space with us.

Listen to music, drink some tea or coffee and enjoy your new home-away-from-home AKA HEM-away-from-home and we're confident you'll have new friends, collaborative buddies and business opportunities in no time 🙂


Most frequent questions and answers

In a nutshell, Happy Earth Market is a incubator for artists, creatives, teachers and entrepreneurs. 

HEM is used to work and play. Come by with your computer, a book, homework, an idea, your instrument or just yourself and find the space you need (plus coffee).

We also have memberships catered toward entrepreneurs offering venue space, gallery space and consignment opportunities. 


Open mic happens every Friday.
Sign ups start at 8:00pm and show starts at 8:30pm.

Loose rules are:
1. Respect the mic and hold your conversations outside, or in the back room when someone is performing.

2. 5 minutes or 2 song sets

3. Have fun

This is an all ages event but udnderstand that we do not censor the Open Mic-ers.

Open mic ends when it ends (Usually between 10:30pm and 11:00pm)

Memberships vary in terms of your personal craft however each membership includes:

– Free entry to any paid HEM-hosted events
– Free wifi
– Random gifts

Bobbi is a Bearded Dragon and the owner of Happy Earth Market. She was gifted to the space shortly after receiving the keys and swiftly stepped into her role as the leader of the shop. 

Feel free to come in anytime to meet and get your photo with #bobbithedragon.

Just give us a call or email!

(702-757-1556 |

We offer free 10’x10′ spaces to vend* and have a live music lineup every time. If you would like to vend, perform and/or volunteer please reach out!

*with approved product.

Part of being involved with Happy Earth Market means being present, and what that means is dedicating time to be at Happy Earth Market. 

It means participating in any event and non-event that’s going on to help understand the happenings in the space and the people in your shared community.

By doing this you are not only of service to the community and to yourself but also putting yourself in line to receive connections and potential opportunity to evolve.

Happy Earth Market is what the people inside makes it, which is why we encourage ALL community members to be present; Because your presence is what makes this space so great.

Check out the bottom of our MEMBERSHIPS PAGE to see the current opportunities to volunteer, if you have any ideas that aren’t listed by all means let us know!

For any inquiries please email

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