Hello and welcome to Happy Earth Market!

My name is Samantha, but everyone knows me as Hugger Sam.

I've been attracted to Earth and all things Nature since I was a child.  A deep respect and connection to all the life forms I've ever encountered, has always been a constant state for me.

I used to be a "normal" American consumer, blinded by the shiny advertisements of products and goods that always seemed to be curiously wrapped in conspiracy.

Through my activism in the GMO movement and the anti-plastic campaign,  I learned more than I ever thought I would in this lifetime. From economy, ecology, biology, genetics, religion, psychiatry, lobbyists, campaigns and on and on and on. I was furious that the corporations and the agencies my government used to insure their safety knowingly risked my life and future generations so they could get my digits transferred to their accounts. We've been duped into consuming these products for half a century, without knowing the effect they have on our bodies and this beautiful planet.  

I was so deeply moved by all the harm my personal footprint was (is) doing to Earth and the environment that I decided to change the way I shopped. I started consuming goods from the farmers markets and learned how to make my own cleaners and hygiene stuff. My family convinced me to sell the healthy creations, but as I began building my dreamy soap business, I discovered how difficult it was to get all the parts together to turn it into something tangible.

I went to co-op meetings in downtown Las Vegas and my vision for "Chuffy's Soap" suddenly changed to Happy Earth Market. I saw a need for people just like me, who could easily help each other out to reach success collectively. 

Happy Earth Market is a loving and giving place for any self funded entrepreneurship that shares my goal of saving and restoring Earth and all the living Beings that live here while we are still able to breathe and have compassion for one another.

Earth needs people like you and I more than ever.

This virtual space will be used to promote all that is good in human spirit and strive to help those succeed in making our future sustainable and kinder. 

My enthusiastic husband, Nate, has been working hard on HEMPodcast. It's getting a lot of attention and interest, especially our Generations category. These shows highlight perspectives of social changes, wars, family values and spirituality from our elders. I encourage you to take a listen and subscribe to our facebook page for updates on new airs!  

We are actively looking for an actual space to call our own in Downtown Henderson! Your business can be a part of our grand opening! If you want to learn more about HEM, just hit us up and we'll meet for lunch! :)

LovE & Light to You,

Sam French

Entrepreneur of HEM