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Promote yourself, promote yourself, promote yourself!

Marketing and promotion is crucial for any business to survive, in order for people to support your craft they have to know about it! Take advantage of social media but don't forget about on-the-ground promotion and supporting other entrepreneurs too. Helping others will be reciprocated immensely. 


  • EVENTS - If you are hosting an event, it is best to create an event no later than 1 week prior to your event's scheduled time. Make sure to choose a bright engaging photo as the cover and a thorough the description. DO NOT make a reoccurring event on Facebook, rather make a new event page for each workshop, session etc. This has proven to create more engagement and flow with current algorithms. Please also be sure to make Happy Earth Market a Co-Host for your event for it to show up on our page to take advantage of our audience. For more information on how to set up a kickass Facebook event click here.
  • A BUSINESS GROUP - Facebook Groups get more engagement over Facebook business pages thanks to the updated algorithm. It is smart to start a group page for your business as soon as possible and start inviting family, friends and community members interested in what you do to join. It's suggested by Facebook to post in the group at least twice a day and to find creative ways to create involvement through memes, polls, giveaways etc. ​
    • MINGLING IN OTHER GROUPS - Take some time to seek out a few groups that are in your niche and join. Becoming more active by commenting and engaging yourself in other communities helps your name and therefore your business become known. 


  • Posts - It's encouraged to post no more than two times a day. Make sure your photos are bright and bold to stand out in a scroll. The caption is only as good as your first sentence, engage your audience right away to get them to click on "see more". You can use up to 30 hashtags for each post and it is good to use them all, but be sure your hashtags are related to the photo/post.
  • Aesthetic -  The aesthetic of your whole photo collection is the first impression you make on a new potential supporter, the first 9 photos (3 rows) that they see will determine whether they follow you or not. This means the way that your photos are laid out, with what filter/editing, is very important. Consider taking time to frame how your photos will be aligned after all Instagram is simply a photo gallery. Use the same editing/filter for each photo and get artsy with it, do every other photo close up, or some other consistent variation.
  • Engagement - It is important to spend time liking and commenting on other photos. Allow your personality to make impressions on other accounts to build relationships. Relationships equal supporters, supporters equal business success. 

On the Ground Marketing:

  • Flyers - ​It is just as important to be advertising to people face to face, on the ground, as it is to promote on the internet. There are plenty of websites with free flyer templates that you can jazz up to suit your own needs. Consider taking them to events and venues that compliment your niche. A couple good flyer sites are and
  • Business Collaboration - Reach out to like-minded local business's and see if they will hold your literature in their space in exchange for their logo on the flyer. This creates cross promotion and good business relationships.

Spend Time at Happy Earth Market:

This sounds like a no-brainer, but it's important to mention: The more time you spend in the market your merchandise/event is held, the more popular your entrepreneurship will become. As you become an active member in the community, word of mouth will begin to take over. Support other entrepreneur events and mingle with other like-minds to potentially find the next person to collaborate with. By helping their entrepreneurship, they will help yours. 

Do Ethical Work: 

In order to remain in Happy Earth Market your entrepreneurship must follow our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics (Below) with every business move you make. This gives your business good universal currency and karmic standing. Doing ethical work with Earth, the life on her and future generations in mind and your hard work will be reciprocated!​​

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