You can donate directly to Happy Earth Market here to sponsor an entrepreneur under our roof.

Join our Team on KIVA to help raise money for our new Entrepreneurs. It's easy to join and you get paid back any money that you generously lend. 

Conscious Resources is a tool for consumers who need or want to be an ethical shopper, but don't know where to purchase what they need.

This page will list all service providers and merchants that are Earth conscious. For example, a plumber that does not use chemicals or a mechanic that can convert your car to run on fry grease or a dog groomer that uses chemical-free shampoos and sells organic doggie treats. 

These people really exist and are trying to operate a business!!!

As part of Happy Earth Market's Mission, we must help them to succeed!  

We will also have a calendar of events here so you can be up to date on all the awesome and creative gatherings we'll be hosting in the Market. Plan to join us at weekly classes on all things Earth, Entrepreneurship meetings, Open Mic Nights, Gardening lessons, Comedy acts, Art and Music programs, DIY workshops, Yoga & Meditations, special events and so much more!

If you have a conscious business (or know of one) and would like to be here, please contact us and we will gladly list you for FREE!