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Open the doors to your craft! 

Happy Earth market is inclusively exclusive. We want everyone under the Sun to be apart of our mission, but that's the thing. Every member must align with our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics (find below) in order to join. That means that your business, craft, class, workshop, art etc. must follow our Earth-strict guidelines. 

If your current business practice does not align with the Code of Ethics and Mission Statement 100% please still reach out! We will collectively help transition your business into a consciously sourced practice. It's never too late to go green. 

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What's the Catch? 

If you have a small business that you are trying to grow roots in, we have a space for you. If you have a hobby that you sell on the side, we have a space for you. If you have a class you want to teach or an idea for a business you want to bring to fruition, we have a space for you! If you're an event planner but don't have a stage, P.A. system, lights or venue, you guessed it, we have a space for you. 

By becoming a member within the Happy Earth Market you are given every resource you need to grow your dream into a tangible reality. From the store space to sell your stuff to an entire community dedicated to helping everyone within the Market succeed, we have all the tools you need.

What does that mean? 

Yes, really really.

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